tisdag 24 maj 2011


This weekend it was Nations cup in Copenhagen. On Wednesday morning we loaded the horses and went off to Copenhagen. We only have 2,5 hours there, I was driving and Peder was sleeping. The showground is in the middle of the city, so it was my first time driving the lorry in a big city. It was Danny, Holliday and Arctic I had with me. The horses jumped fantastic the whole weekend. Danny was jumping the small tour 1,40 and he was placed 3rd the first day, had one down in the jump off the second day and was placed 6th in the final. Holliday won a 1,45 the first day and was 10th in 1,50. Arctic was clear in 1,50 the first day and clear in the first round in nations cup, jens and rolf were also clear så sweden was in the lead. Sadly Douglas was eliminated in the second round, the team got eliminated and Arctic didn't have to jump the second round. In the Grand Prix he had one down, but jumped really good. You can't be anything but satisfied when the horses toghter only have two down on a whole weekend.

Now I am getting my riding pants on and out to the stable to ride Chicago a little bit.


torsdag 21 april 2011

The sun is shining

It's been a lovely day today at Grevlunda, the sun has been shining the whole day. Peder has jumped the horses today and as always when it is jumping day it's been a really busy day. Tomorrow we're going to a show in Henriksdal so I have packed the stuff and given the horses a bath, there were so dirty after they've been out and rollig in the paddocks. Peder actually helped me a little bit, he gave Sibon a bath and clipped Sparvens mane. In Henriksdal he is competing Sparven she's doing her first show ever, Sibon Peder and Sibons first show together, Malte who has'nt been do a show since olympia so I think he will be really fresh and Chicago. Now I have to go to bed, we're leaving the stable 06.20 tomorrow morning!


måndag 18 april 2011

Home from Italy!

First I want to tell you that I have got my license to drive the lorry! I've got it the same day we left for Arezzo, so I could help Sofia to drive a little bit. I had four horses with me to Arezzo, Arctic, Chicago, Danny and Holliday. Italy was really nice, great weather it was like swedish summer and many of my friends who groom for the other riders were there. Peders horseowner Astrid bought a new horse for Peder there a 7-year old gelding, Sibon. Overall the horses were doing well in the competition, Holliday were 8th in the Grand Prix Qualifyer 1,45 and Arctic was jumping the Grand Prix with two down, but he looks really fresh.

On the way home from Italy I got ill and I've lost my voice, now I'm better but I've been home at my parents place for a few days for recovery. Tomorrow I go home to Grevlunda and on friday we are going to Henriksdal on a show, I think Sparven is going to do her first show there.


måndag 11 april 2011

Lovely weather!

Late last night Rebecca came back from Skyrup with six of the horses, Jenny goes on for one more weekend with the tree five year olds. We had a nice and quiet day today, Malin came to ride Tore and Räven thats jumping in Paris this weekend. The horses that came back from the show had a nice day off and was enjoing the nice weather out in the fields! I unpacked the lorry and then packed it again so now I'm ready to leave for Paris tomorrow. I'm gonna make the first stop at Maria Gretzer place, then I' ll continiue on to Christan Ahlmanns stables in Germany were I will team up with his groom and one of my oldest friends Emma for the last bit to Paris. Sara

lördag 9 april 2011

Home alone!

Or at least almost, on wednesday afternoon fourteen horses left Jonstorp for Skyrup in the south of Sweden. So the only ones left at home is Tore, Räven, Tamina and me!
I had a nice week- end except for the wind thats been horrible, the door to stable fell off yesterday and today I had to clean the outdoor from about a hundred branches before I could start to ride. The horses have at least been behaving well, even though they have been very fresh in the wind!
In Skyrup things have also been going well. For the young horses its the first time showing outdoors and the first time jumping 1,20. Both Malin and Jenny seems to be very happy with them, the goal this year is to try to qualify them for Falsterbo.
The older ones have also been doing good, Malin said the ring is huge so it must be quite a difference from jumping inside! '
I continiued my clipping mission and now Tore and Räven are looking good and ready for Paris!

söndag 3 april 2011

Jumping outdoors

Today it was time to jump outdoors for the first time this year so we moved the fences from the indoor to the outdoor ring. Malin jumped Cisco (in the picture) and Uffe who both behaved well and jumped really good! Jenny jumped the five year olds Challe and Olle and they also did really well and even jumped the water without hesitating!
I clipped the last two horses thats jumping in Skyrup next week so now they are all finally done!

lördag 2 april 2011

Finally spring!

Today I managed to clip another three horses and Jenny did one so now its only two more to go before the whole stable is looking tip top!
All the snow and ice is gone now so we can ride in the outdoor ring and hack out again, so nice!