tisdag 24 maj 2011


This weekend it was Nations cup in Copenhagen. On Wednesday morning we loaded the horses and went off to Copenhagen. We only have 2,5 hours there, I was driving and Peder was sleeping. The showground is in the middle of the city, so it was my first time driving the lorry in a big city. It was Danny, Holliday and Arctic I had with me. The horses jumped fantastic the whole weekend. Danny was jumping the small tour 1,40 and he was placed 3rd the first day, had one down in the jump off the second day and was placed 6th in the final. Holliday won a 1,45 the first day and was 10th in 1,50. Arctic was clear in 1,50 the first day and clear in the first round in nations cup, jens and rolf were also clear så sweden was in the lead. Sadly Douglas was eliminated in the second round, the team got eliminated and Arctic didn't have to jump the second round. In the Grand Prix he had one down, but jumped really good. You can't be anything but satisfied when the horses toghter only have two down on a whole weekend.

Now I am getting my riding pants on and out to the stable to ride Chicago a little bit.


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